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Every decision affecting your job is made by someone elected or appointed. That is why it is important to elect and support candidates that put working families first, and why it is critical that we have a successful political program at the North Shore Federation of Labor. The North Shore AFL-CIO PAC is a political action fund made up of voluntary contributions from union members which allow us to advocate for candidates and policies that support good secure jobs; job safety; adequate investments in the areas of education, healthcare, and retirement security; and against job killing proposals like the privatization of government services. 

All active and retired North Shore AFL-CIO affiliate leaders and members are encouraged to invest in our PAC. An investment in our PAC is an investment in working people.


DONATE NOW, or Make checks payable to: North Shore AFL-CIO PAC
Deliver or mail PAC contributions to:
North Shore AFL-CIO
3250 Euclid Avenue, Suite 250
Cleveland, OH 44115-2599