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Toolkit: Stop HJR1/SJR 2

Innovation Ohio
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For over 100 years, Ohio citizens have had the power to collect signatures and place an initiative on the ballot so voters can decide whether or not to amend our state constitution.

Now, a few Ohio politicians are trying to take that power away. 

These same politicians are trying to bring back August elections (Ohio got rid of the August election last year, because they are expensive and wasteful). 

We have to stop them.

NO HJR 1. NO HJR 2. NO August Elections.

In this document:

Contact these State Reps (phone calls are best, but any contact is important!):


Tell them:

  • NO on HJR 1
  • NO on SJR 2
  • NO August elections

Arguments to make:

Rally at the Statehouse Wednesday 5/10

Resources / Learn More

News articles

Official documents 

Calls to Action