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Celebrate America’s Unions

Brian Pearson
05 Sep, 2022
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Today we celebrate America’s unions! We do so at a time that seventy-one percent of Americans say they approve of labor unions, the highest rating in nearly six decades and just four points off an all-time high. The high rating comes amid a burst of workplace organizing. The National Labor Relations Board reported a 57% increase in union election petitions in the first half of 2022 compared to 2021. Workers are winning their union in three out of four elections.

The reason the labor movement is thriving is clear. Unions provide respect and fairness on the job and a voice in the workplace. In addition, union workers earn a median weekly salary of $194 higher than nonunion workers, an extra $10,088 a year. They are also more likely to be covered under an employer-sponsored health plan and to have access to paid sick days, life insurance, and a defined benefit pension.

Americans know that a solid middle class is essential to a strong economy. Still, for too long, working families have been left behind. The erosion of America’s middle class is a direct result of a decades-long assault on workers’ rights which cut union membership by more than half. Yet, unions hold the key to restoring economic balance.  

This Labor Day, celebrate America’s unions!