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OHIO GENERAL ASSEMBLY | 135th General Assembly • First Session

S.B. 1 – Revise Education Law and Department duties; rename the department *Oppose*
Sponsor: Sen. Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin)
Notes: Renames the Department of Education as the Department of Education and Workforce Development (DEW). Transfers most of the powers and duties of the State Board of Education and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Department of Education and Workforce (DEW). Read the Full Analysis
  • Introduced on 1/11/23
  • Referred to Senate Education Committee on 1/17/23
S.B. 4 – Modify the film and theater tax credit
Sponsor: Sen. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) & Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville)
Notes: Analysis currently unavailable
  • Introduced on 1/11/23
  • Referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee on 1/17/23
S.B. 5 – Establish the Workforce Voucher Program
Sponsor: Sen. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton)
Notes: Establishes the Workforce Voucher Program, requiring the Director of Development to award vouchers to students at public and private institutions of higher education seeking degrees, certifications, or licenses for in-demand jobs. Analysis Read Full Analysis
  • Introduced on 1/11/23
  • Referred to Senate Workforce and Higher Education Committee on 1/17/23
S.B. 11 – Enact the Parent Educational Freedom Act
Sponsor: Sen. Sandra O’Brien (R-Ashtabula)
Notes: Expands eligibility for Educational Choice scholarships to all students; ceases operation of the Pilot Project (Cleveland) Scholarship Program; increases the amount of homeschooling expenses that a taxpayer can claim as an income tax credit each from, from $250 to $2000. Read Full Analysis
  • Introduced on 1/11/23
  • Referred to Senate Education Committee on 1/17/23
S.B. 14 – Expand veteran eligibility to teach without a license
Sponsor: Sen. Frank Hoagland (R-Mingo Junction)
Notes: Permits a school district, community school, or STEM school to employ an eligible veteran who does not hold an educator license as a teacher; establishes related service, educational, registration, and mentorship requirements that a veteran must meet in order to be employed as a teacher. Analysis currently unavailable
  • Introduced on 1/11/23
  • Referred to Senate Education Committee on 1/17/23


Glacier Northwest, Inc., v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Docket #: 21-1449
Notes: A case on whether employers can sue unions for damage to property caused during strike action.
  • Oral Argument on 1/10/23 [LISTEN]
  • AFL-CIO Statement 


Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless; Ohio Federation of Teachers; Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans; and Union Veterans Council v. Frank LaRose  (HB 458 PHOTO IDENTIFICATION LAW)
Case #: 1:23-cv-26 
Notes: Filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio Eastern Division. The Plaintiffs believe that House Bill 458 will severely restrict Ohioan’s access to the polls – particularly those voters who are young, elderly, and black, as well as those serving in the military and others living abroad. The law imposes one of the most stringent photo-identification requirements in the country (eliminates ability to provide bank statements, utility bills, government checks, paychecks, and other government documents as acceptable forms of identification when voting in person); significantly advances the deadline during which voters must provide the documents or information necessary to ensure that their provisional ballots or rejected ballots are counted; and significantly advances the deadlines by which voters must submit applications for mailed absentee-voter ballots.
  • Read the Complaint


HB 458 Legislative Fact Sheet (voter photo ID law, Effective 4/7/23)

HB 458 Final Analysis (Ohio Legislative Service Commission)

HR 1065 Legislative Fact Sheet (Pregnant Worker Fairness Act, Effective 6/27/23)