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According to the Constitution of the North Shore AFL-CIO Federation of Labor, each local union is allowed the following number of delegates:

50 members or less- 2 delegates
51-100 members- 3 delegates
101-200 members- 4 delegates
201-400 members- 5 delegates
401-700 members- 6 delegates
701-1100 members- 7 delegates

One additional delegate is permitted for each additional 500 members or any fraction thereof above 1100.

Per capita is $0.50 per member/per month – after initial affiliation, local will be billed.

Please fill out the following form with the names/addresses of your delegates and return it to the North Shore AFL-CIO as soon as possible.

Delegate 1
Delegate 2
Delegate 3
Delegate 4
Delegate 5
Delegate 6
Delegate 7
Delegate 8
Delegate 9